“Colby Ryan was as shiny as a big apple in the role of the New York foot soldier of free enterprise who uses David’s storytelling ability to sell radios in the Midwest.”

— John Drybred - Intelligencer Journal

“...the show-stealer, unquestionably, is Colby Ryan as the oily promoter with the coaxingly cheery tones of a real radio announcer and the smarmy whine of a real con man.”

— Marty Crisp - Lancaster Sunday News

As Max Schechter - A QUIET END

“The mortar that holds this production together is the performance of its leading man, Colby Ryan. Even in stereotypical bitch armor, Ryan manages to project a couched vulnerability that evokes audience empathy. He is the register of the multiple levels of loss that make AIDS such an insidiously ravaging disease.”

— Jim Ruth - Lancaster Sunday News

“Ryan drives the play. When he is not on stage, which is thankfully seldom, the pace falters. But it chugs back up to speed the instant he reappears.”

— Jim Ruth - Lancaster Sunday News

“Ryan gives a wonderful performance, with the perfect amount of wry, intelligent humor and honest vulnerability. Max’s humor serves to keep people at a distance, but Ryan does what he has to do with the character: he takes the armor off, lets us see his inner soul, and then puts it back on.”

— Jane Holahan - Lancaster New Era